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Product Discovery

Is the idea good? To find out, you need to answer the critical risks of Value, Usability, Feasibility, and Viability. Let’s collect evidence instead of only stakeholder opinions.

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Product Strategy

As an alternative to roadmaps, we focus on the problems to solve by generating, identifying, and leveraging insights which turn into the actions that align with our go-to-market strategy.

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Team Establishment

Setting up a team for success means ensuring they have all the right skills required to problem solve. This is your first step. You also need Empowerment and Trust which are keys to high-performing teams.

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Event Storming

A collaborative technique for understanding complex business domains by mapping key events, commands, and systems. It promotes active participation and knowledge sharing among stakeholders and engineers. This is a great way to generate insights and build team/stakeholder collaboration.

Agile Coaching

Agile is more than a way of working, it is a mindset that will change the culture of your organization. By being Agile, not just doing Agile, there is a shift from output to outcomes, from having mercenaries to missionaries where the leadership inspires people to great accomplishments and innovation.

Success Metrics

For the problems being solved, a business objective and expected key result should be defined. The outcome of this success metric is how teams are measured.

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Feature Elaboration

Features become the problems we are solving with a defined hypothesis of value. When identified, the team works together to break down the work to develop a solution to deliver value.

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Customer Analysis

A Product Manager’s primary job is becoming an expert in the customer’s pains, desires, and thinking processes. Customer qualitative and quantitative analysis accomplishes this.

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About Xploresoft

Product Management Consulting
Hello, I'm Brad Ellis,

product management consultant looking to help you bring your ideas to life.

Xploresoft is my portfolio of services I can provide to you and your company.

I’m seeking companies to work with on contract or full-time basis who are tired of doing things the old way and are ready to unleash the full potential of empowered product teams.

My passion is product management. I have experience delivering value in both fast-paced, start-up and Fortune 500 environments. I am data-driven in decision-making and love to work closely with customers to get a deep understanding of their needs and wants to drive features that bring real value. I excel at inspiring cross-functional teams to become high-performing, fun, product missionaries.

Delivered Results

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Recommendations Received

“Brad is an extremely organized and forward thinking individual who has a mind for innovative thinking. He possesses the skills to create and transform a vision to reality as well as motivating teams to achieve desired outcomes. I highly recommend Brad in filling a leadership role with any organization that needs to approach product management in a new light.”

Bruce Nix, Client Partner

“Brad will make sense of your complicated systems. Brad has a keen ability to create a vision and plan for a technical or creative product. Brad used his passion for building software and solving problems to lead product development for our print manufacturing facilities. Brad's welcome demeanor allows him to adapt to anything from the shop floor to the executive suite.”

David Uyttendaele, Co-Founder & CEO

“Brad’s ability to understand user needs, data mine to pull key pieces of information together, and deliver a product that is useful to drive business decisions is incredibly unique. He could quickly identify the gaps and how to provide a solution. His intellect does not overshadow his ability to comprehensively explain a solution, a quality much appreciated by our staff.

Angela Blackburn, President

The Product Operating Model

How Companies Innovate and Deliver Value

What Is it?

The Product Operating Model (POM) is a composite of practices and processes curated and evangelized by the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) and popularized by Marty Cagan's book series on Product Management. The model was compiled by SVPG from observations of what works for the best product companies around.

Amazon, Apple, and Google have one thing in common: they 
are all great product organizations 
that innovate. There is fallacy that you have to be a tech-company to get innovative results, but that's not true. It isn't what you sell, it is how you design and build what you sell that makes the difference. The Product Operating Model is how great organizations work to deliver innovative results.

The Product Operating Model is a set of processes and practices such as the necessary role of experimentation, or prioritizing innovation over predictability. It advocates for a customer-centric approach, where product teams are empowered to experiment, to solve problems, and validate ideas rapidly. By fostering a culture of innovation and agility, the model helps organizations stay ahead of technological advancements and market demands.

Essentially, the Product Operating Model is about consistently creating technology-powered solutions that your customers love, yet work for your business. From the financial perspective, it's about getting the most out of your technology investment. 1

Why Do you Need It?

The following are a few reasons why companies are moving to the Product Operating Model.

Frustrated Leaders:
Organizations often face frustration from their leaders due to the amount of investment in projects that ultimately fail. Failure is part of learning but unfortunately in the traditional approach where stakeholders generate ideas, add them to a roadmap, commit to them, and instruct engineering to execute—all this leads to sunk costs in bad ideas. POM however, promotes validating your idea's value, usability, and feasibility upfront so you can get to the great ideas faster.

Competitive Threat:
In the age we now 
live in, technology is moving fast 
and no matter what you sell it is now part of every business. In addition, with technology advancement, what is just now possible changes every single day and learning to innovate is not just a competitive advantage; it's necessary for survival. The Product Operating Model empowers organizations to focus on validated, customer-centric, and innovative ideas which sets them up for success in a competitive market.

General Key Benefits:

  • Customer/Business Value: Ensures that pursued ideas genuinely solve customer problems and/or adds significant value.
  • Usability: Focuses on creating products that are easy to use, reducing the risk of irrelevant features.
  • Feasibility: Discover upfront if the amount of effort needed to make an idea come to life is impractical.
  • Innovation: Organizations that strive for 100% schedule predictability are also moving towards 0% innovation. With POM we strive for a better balance.
  • Empowered High-Performing Teams: By shifting the problem solving to the team there is an infusion of purpose that transforms engineering mercenaries into missionaries.
1. Cagan, Marty. Transformed: Moving to the Product Operating Model. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2024, pp. 6-9

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